Thursday, December 31, 2015


 “Celebrate endings – for they precede new beginnings” — Jonathan Lockwood Huie
 Donald Trump 2016

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, America!!!

Happy Thanksgiving America!!!

 Quick share this blog post with your family or friends or BAD LUCK will follow you....

Saturday, November 14, 2015

ISIS attacks Paris France - My heart goes out to them...

Paris France - ISIS Attacks
Paris France - ISIS Attacks

My question is WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paris France - ISIS Attacks 
Paris France - ISIS Attacks
What do these people get out of killing innocent people? I know one thing this is a direct result of some countries going against these people (ISIS and their culture) and their countries all in the name of helping their people but instead with something else in mind i.e. Iraq - Suddam Hussein - Weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION - OIL OIL OIL OIL .... Did I say OIL??? Yes OIL..LOL......

All I can say is that my heart goes out to these french people.... May God help them.

Friday, October 9, 2015

CNN: From 'Dracula' fish to snub-nosed monkeys: New species found in Himalayas - Horray for humans....

snub-nosed monkey
snub-nosed monkey

Horray for humans... New species are found.... Now, lets go and kill and rape them for food and enjoyments....

Thank you CNN for making this a WORLD NEWS.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Camel or Marlboro horrible cigarette?

Camel Blue Rules!!! Marlboro SUCKS!!!!
Camel Blue Rules!!! Marlboro SUCKS!!!!

I smoke Camel Blue and recently wanted to try something new. So, I searched online for some reviews on the best cigarettes in the market. Many reviews stated that Marlboro is the best and they most of the time rated it to be NUMBER ONE. So, I bought myself a pack to try it out. Now, I regret it. It is the worst cigarette I have ever smoked in my entire life. YUCK!!! Camel Blue compared to Marlboro is WAY BETTER. Like many has complained on the Internet Marlboro did give me burning sensation in my throat which I never felt with Camel. So, do yourself a favor and skip Marlboro the next time decide to try something new. That is my two cents.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Who the fuck came up with new CNN website layout?

bad CNN website layout

Who the fuck came up with new CNN website layout???? It looks horrible with too many popup layers and tickers. Fuck this... I love the old CNN website layout. This is just pain in the butt to sit there for the website to load. Also, that auto scroll top news is very very annoying.... I used to go to CNN website all FUCKING time.... not anymore.... Good bye, CNN.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Police shooting civilians

Police Shooting
Police Shooting

Here is my two cents. I know it looks really really bad when a police officer shoots and kills an unarmed civilian. However, from the bystanders point of view it looks bad for the officers. Right. Well, it is understandable to feel that way for a fellow defenseless human being. But one needs to also look at the situation from the police officers point of view.

Realize that men and women of law enforcements are all trained to do what they do - to serve and protect. So, when they are called out to bring peace and order, they come with heighten alert to do whatever they can to bring peace and order. That means they will be putting their life at risk and so if people don't follow the officers requests or commands, expect to be shot and killed by them. It is simple as that. What happened at Ferguson, Missouri is a great example of that.

From what I understand, Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot and killed on Aug. 9, by Darren Wilson, a white police officer, in Ferguson, Mo., a suburb of St. Louis. The shooting prompted protests that roiled the area for weeks. A St. Louis County grand jury announced Nov. 24 that it was not indicting Mr. Wilson.

Michael Brown at a store during a theft before the shooting
The story went like this. Michael Brown stole an item from a local store and then him and his friend started to walk way from the store. Store manager had reported the theft to the police. At about the same time, a police officer happened to be driving by Michael Brown and his friend. At which point, police officer got the news that there had been a theft and description of the thief matched Michael Brown. That's when the whole thing went down from there as we all know. Michael Brown was shot dead by a White police officer.

Now, I really don't know what happened but I can tell you for sure that there definitely was a struggle and arguments between the officers and Mr. Brown before they decided to shoot him. If Michael Brown completely cooperated with the officers, he would still be alive today. Simple as that. There definitely was a reason why the situation went down as it did. Michael Brown already knew what he did - stole an item from the store. So, he was already in the wrongs. His mind was already set for fight and flight mode. If he had ABSOLUTELY DONE NOTHING WRONG prior to meeting with the officers, the outcome of the situation would have been different. We can all scream that this was a deliberate because Michael Brown was Black and the officer was WHITE, but really it was Mr. Brown's fault in a way.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

kids left in a HOT car to DIE

kids left in a car to die

After so many parents leaving their kids in a hot car, I want to give my two cents on my blog about this.

Really!!! How can anyone leave their child in a car with windows closed on hot sunny day? I've heard of people neglecting and abusing their children, but this is worse than all of that.

When people give excuses after excuses for leaving their kids in a hot car, it is like telling your boss, "Sorry, I left my brain at home." How can anyone simply forget that there is a person in the back seat? It boggles my mind. It is not like this is a house where you may not be able to see whose is home or not. When people do stupid things like this, it is obvious that more often than not it is intentional. They were out to kill their child.

To do this to a child and child of their own, they must have a heart of steal. I know I've heard of people abandoning their pets away from home but to do this to their children knowingly is cold-blooded murder.

No matter what the situation is one must be able to work something out not resort to stupidity and evil thoughts. I love my kids. I will do everything I can to provide for them. I just recently found out that my second son may have autism. My wife and I were devastated. However, we love him just the same as our other kids. We will never abandon him or leave him in hot car with windows closed.

With the latest news of kids in hot car, I said to myself, "People are becoming really stupid and dumb." She had to go to a job interview and she couldn't find anybody to look after her kids????? I am shocked. She couldn't even leave her kids with her parents or how about her BEST friend. There should have been someone in her life who would have loved to watch her kids for couple of hours until she came back from the Interview. Anytime, my wife and I have to go somewhere or hospital and can't take my kids with us, my mother would come and watch them.

If nothing else, she could have simply left them at a daycare center. I am sure there is one in every town and city. I am sure she knew weeks ahead that there is going to be a viable job interview and this happens. Even if the babysitter failed to show up at the last minute, she should have come up with a back plan. But she didn't and ended up leaving her kids in her car.

You know what, I feel sorry for the kids who had died from their parents stupid decision to leave them in a hot car. I don't feel sorry at all for the adults who are in jail because of that. What is so important than being mindful of your surroundings? This is how people get into trouble.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Acquittal of George Zimmerman. Really!!!

acquittal of George Zimmerman
acquittal of George Zimmerman
Really!!! If this had been a white boy who got killed by this man, George Zimmerman, the whole United States would have been crying and holding vigil for the boy and wanted Zimmerman's ass on the fryer. But because the dead victim in this case happens to be BLACK or African American, it is okay to acquittal him and set him free.

It doesn't matter what race is Zimmerman it still would have ended the way it did only because the dead victim, Trayvon Martin, was a black male. Nothing more nothing less.

Let me guess, 90% of the Jurors were White. Go figure. Some 10 dickheads sitting in a room dictating and deliberating what they have in front of them and all along being unbiased. Get the fuck out of here. Man's skin color has everything to do with everything else. White man already decided that Negros or Blacks or African Americans should not be given equal opportunities even though the 4 white fore fathers of our nation put it on the constitution that all men are created equal. Don't take my word for it. Just look around you. African Americans are pushed into poverty by White man. So, majority of them are poor. Then, they put them on welfare program. If not, they get arrested and put in jail on suspicion and/or trying to make a living the only way they know how selling drugs. Let me tell you something. There are far more child molesters and pedophiles in the United States than drug dealers. Police would go after the drug dealers than any other criminals, because it is easy for them and also easy money. Remember their salary is paid by US the taxpayers. The only way to justify their earning is by making meaningless arrests of street criminals or little fishes in the pond even if their arrest has no effect on the crime itself.

I am not one bit surprised of this case outcome. So, someone died, someone made millions of dollars and someone is going home smiling. What's next? Book deals, movie deals, tv interviews or shows for the murderer. If anyone who comes out says that I am all wrong, then you are a hypocrite who thinks sun will only shine on your ass.

Skin color has everything to do with everything else in your life. Read my other blog post on Trayvon Martin, 17 year old kid shot and killed all

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How many times has the world ended?

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Badgets in Bed Infographic

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Confirmed: 27 dead in Newtown, Connecticut school shooting

Before I speak of anything, I want to say I am deeply sadden by the senseless act carried out by a lunatic.

God Bless those people and the little children whose lives were stolen from them.

Newtown, Connecticut school shooting victims
Newtown, Connecticut school shooting victims

First of all, I want to make this clear. No matter what gun laws we come up with and/or how many of them we approve and implement into laws, there will always be demands for weapons and sellers to meet those demands whether legally or illegally. In fact, when government acts hastily based on isolated social issues, it actually increases the number and occurrence of that particular issues in our society - i.e. drugs, guns, cybercrime, etc. Therefore, it is in the best interest of our government to come up with laws that favor everyone in some shape or form.

Don't get me wrong. I was sick to my stomach, when I heard the news for the first time. In fact, I was deeply sadden. However, I don't like how right wing idiots and gun lovers jump on the bandwagon and say "guns are not the problem but the shooter himself." That is absolutely true, but you have to look at the bigger picture of the current issues we are running into. Lunatics with more powerful weapon can do more damage than one without it. According to right wing fanatics, there was much worse mass shooting back in 1920's that killed more than 27 people. Supposedly, a guy strapped dynamites on his body and blew himself up inside a school. That only goes to show that assault rifle and dynamites are just the same or equally powerful but that doesn't mean the shooter of Newtown, Connecticut Mass shooting could have caused the same amount of carnage without such powerful weapon. If he only had access to knife or something less effective than a gun, then he could not have killed as many people and children as he did within short amount of time. In fact, they would have had a fighting chance to run away from the danger to safety instead being dead. Can anyone argue with me on that one?

Yes, these USA mass shooters including the Newtown shooter clearly did have mental issues. However, what if they didn't have easy access to such powerful weapons. Do you think they could have caused such a carnage against society senselessly? I definitely don't think so. That's what people should look at not take second Amendment word per word exactly. When second Amendment was added to our constitution, it was of different time and era than today.

Anyways, I can't seem to accept the idea that these shooters were "mentally ill." If truly a person is mentally ill in his or her head, then the chances are their thought process would be wacky or crazy and will not make any sense to them let alone anyone around them. And yet Adam Lanza, Newtown, Connecticut mass shooter, had the presence of mind to put his bullet proof vest on, take his mother's guns and load them with ammos, shoot his mother Nancy Lanza, first victim, to death not once but multiple times on her head. Then, he got into his mother's car and drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School, forced himself into the school through a locked a door shooting and killing school faculty members as he made his way to the classrooms with kids and teachers. Within 10 to 15 minutes as they say said, he wipes out the whole classroom full of kids and teacher shooting not once but multiple times at them. After that, he supposedly walked over to the next classroom near by with a lot of kids and teacher. Again, he shot as many as he can, although they tried their best to stay away from him. Towards the end, it was said that as soon as he heard the first responder closing in on him, at that point he decided to end his own life and he did by shooting himself on his head. What does this say about someone who is supposed to be "mentally ill?"

All these actions take a lot more than just a thought process. For someone who is or was "mentally ill" could not possibly thought these things through, plan ahead in time and execute them as planned. He or she would have made all kinds of mistakes and foiled their own plan. And Yet, Adam Lanza, had committed this mass school shooting in military style - string of murders, bullet proof vest, assault rifle and guns with a lots of ammo, etc.Medical community can call whatever the hell they want these shooter's mental illness - Asperger, Cheeseburger, hamburger, schizophrenia, etc but I call it, "Chemical Imbalance."

Our body is hanging in the balance of chemistry. Chemical in our body plays a major role in our thought process or thinking. Need I explain this further. I am sure you know that using drugs or drinking alcohol changes your state of mind. In some cases, you don't even know what is happening to you or what you are doing. You would be so out of it that you will need help getting around. What happens to you when you have low sugar level in your blood than normal? That's right - you will feel very weak, light headed, dizzy, your thinking would be either very slow, etc. Same goes for these mentally ill mass shooters. Either their body is not producing enough essential chemicals or too much of them that body doesn't have enough time to excrete them out. This could be caused by stress in their immediate environment.

Call of Duty
Call of Duty
It's not just their "chemical imbalance" caused by stress that makes them go and do crazy things but also our society. Our society has a lot to do with these mass shooting. According to news media, he was into very violent and gory video games such as Call of Duty that he would play them for day and night and sometimes nonstop for hours on end. I am pretty sure these games put wrong or awful ideas into his head when he decided to end it all for good. I wrote a pretty good blog post on this topic on Colorado Movie Theator Shooting - 12 confirmed dead . You should read it as well.

List of violent and gory video games
  1. NeverDead - It is the latest game to come out of the insane minds of Rebellion, best known for their work on the Aliens vs Predator series, and Shinta Nojiri, famed director of many titles in the Metal Gear series. The whole game is based around the concept of reattachable body parts. The main character, who happens to be immortal, can lose his body parts only to reattach them as the situation requires.
  2. Dead Island - This game mostly consists of beating zombies over the head with boat paddles and makeshift weapons.
  3. FallOut 3 - It doesn't have the best animations, but it's violent as hell, especially when you shoot someone in slow motion and their head splits open like an overripe melon. 
  4. Team Fortress 2 - It is incredibly cartoonish in its violence, but once you've seen the Heavy with a demented grin and blood all over his face you'll never sleep soundly again. 
  5. Prey - It remains a shocking game to play despite being out for years. Everything in this game dies a horrible, gory death—even the children. 
  6. Postal 2 - What it lacked in gameplay, it more than makes up for in gore. You can set people on fire and pee on them to put them out. I guess that counts as a gameplay mechanic. 
  7. MadWorld - Not to be confused with the Tears for Fears album, it is a Platinum Games title that stylizes its depiction of violence in a black and white world, and saturates with red blood. 
  8. Splatterhouse - It is a remake of the original Splattehrouse from 1998. This utterly violent game allows you to beat the hell out of monsters with everything from wooden planks to meat cleavers. Your arms can even be cut off and used to bat enemies. 
  9. Harvester - In case you can't tell by the video, it is an old game—a point and click adventure title with text input. But what it lacks in interactivity, it makes up for in gruesome FMV violence.
  10. Condemned 2 - It pits the protagonist against the homeless, all of whom have gone insane. Much of the game features bare fisted combat and melee, and is often gory. The game's context-sensitive environmental kills allow you to shove a person's head into a TV or kill them with a variety of other means.
  11. Prototype - In Prototype, the whole city is your playground for you to play in. If someone's standing in your way, just pick them up and throw them into a car.
  12. Wolfenstein - The Wolfenstein remake was underrated and cast as being little more than another mindless FPS. But those who played it can certainly recall how violent it is. Shoot a Nazi in the throat and he'll clutch his neck until he bleeds to death.
  13. Rage - You can shoot, splatter, and slice every enemy in Rage six ways to Sunday with your assortment of weapons. Killing the smaller enemies in quick succession with the wingsticks is nothing short of satisfying.
  14. Alien vs. Predator - There's nothing worse than watching a man dissolve from the corrosive spit of an Alien. If living out Ripley's worst nightmare is what you're after, play this game. 
  15. Left 4 Dead 2 - If you thought the first game was violent, wait till you play the sequel. You can blow out chunks of the zombies who run at you en masse. Even with arms missing and their entrails hanging out of their bodies, they'll still grasp at you for a taste of your human flesh.
  16. Condemned - To some people, Condemned: Criminal Origins was one of the best melee combat games ever made. To me, it's a hobo murder simulator. Want to kill a hobo with a two-by-four? Done. How about a lead pipe? Well, obviously. Taser to sledgehammer combo? Check and check. 
  17. God of War - After five God of War, I think it's safe to conclude that Kratos is not a very nice guy. Sure, the vast majority of the Spartan's bloodcount consists of mythological monsters who have it coming, but he's shown time and time again that he's not afraid to kill the occasional human or god who gets in his way. This means a whole lot of bloodshed and, more importantly for our list, a whole lot of quick-time-event decapitations.  

By no means this is a complete list of violent and goriest games out in the market. However, when our society fills our children with violence and filth as fun or pass time, then what are they to do when they are pushed to the edge or stressed beyond ones comprehension. I strongly believe that Adam Lanza would have chosen a different route instead of violence had he not been exposed to video game violence for hours on end.

As I said in the Colorado movie theater shooting post, our society has a lot to do with these mass shooting and it is not just the shooter's mental condition or state.

NRA idiots can say what they want in support of their organization but the truth of the matter is we are destroying our children's mind with filth just to make money and flooding our own community with weapons unnecessarily. If you eliminate guns and put in place strict rules for the video game manufacturers and entertainment industries, then all these mass shooting may finally come to an end. Fighting guns with guns as NRA stated is not the solution. The only people who really get hurt are the innocent bystanders like these school childrens.

Friday, December 14, 2012

NASA: Moon probes to be 'blown apart' in Monday mountain crash

NASA Moon Probes
NASA Moon Probes

What the hell? Moon probes??????

Really, NASA.

I am totally confused....Didn't NASA already send 13 or so manned moon landings to our moon and they are still sending probes to do their experiment on the moon.

Give me a big fat break.

Again my fellow working and taxpaying Americans, I will say it till the last day on Earth that "NASA has been lying to us from day one." There has never been moon-landing of any kind. It was faked by NASA and funded by our government.

They are sending probes to the moon. Why can't they send man to the moon? NASA has already done it like going to Disney Land many times. What's stopping them now?

What a joke NASA is.

What's even funnier is that in the article they mention that they will make sure to avoid the "historical manned-moon-landing sites." Execuse me I have to laugh at this time.....ROTF LMAO. Are they kidding with us? There is no manned-moon-landings to begin with and they are going to avoid it. Give me another break.

Here read my other blog post, Man never landed on the moon -- all a lie. 
It will blow your mind away and you will realize for yourself that you've been lied to.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Presidential Debates 2012

Presidential Debates 2012
Presidential Debates 2012

A lot of my readers might be thinking to yourself, "Gee what happen to this average Joe who always talks against the US government? No blog post on 2012 debates?"  No I am here and I am not one bit happy about anything that's related to any government.

Dog and Pony Show
Dog and Pony Show

Any debates in my book is nothing more than to put on a dog and pony show to get the public votes. Once elected, they don't stand by their words at all.

To be honest with my readers, I didn't hear one thing that I liked from both politicians. They spoke and acted the way they are supposed to like a politician with a hint of salt with every words that came out of their mouth.

First of all, why is it that government has to do this and do that for their "citizens"? Why can't the government take the same route as the failing companies and corporation across the United States - restructure, file for bankruptcy or lay off workers? Government is the biggest wasteful institution there is and on top of that add corrupt politicians in the mix. And you have a ticking time bomb waiting to explode and in this case it did. Our economy went down the toilet.

Beginning of debate #2, young man stood up and asked the politicians a great question, "How are you going to help me find a job?" To which I thought, Mit Romney and President Obama was going to give a very reassuring answers or reply, but they both failed me.

Governor Mitt Romney bombed the question all together. In fact, I frankly felt he didn't give him any answer but spoke like lying politician, who has something to hide. Romney's response, "Job Market is down and I am a business man. I know how to bring the Jobs back to our economy and I will do it." That was IT - No point by point answers as to what the hell he was going to do.

President Barack Obama, on the other hand, did answer the young man with list of points as to what needs to be done and what he is going to do to help the job market. So, the recent college graduate can find a job and join the workforce. However, his answers were in the best interest of the government not the taxpayer. To increase number of jobs in the market, lower income and business taxes now - lower business tax means more money for the companies to reinvest into their business i.e. hire more people. Lower income tax means more money in the hands of the tax payers for them to go out and spend. They can do it NOW. In an instant or within couple of weeks or months, our economy will bounce back in no time.

I will say it again. Our government is the biggest wasteful institution there is. When a city workers who clean floors and pickup garbage is making $100,000/year and over as supposed to someone who went to college and are only making $60,000/year, then there is terribly something wrong with our government.

All politicians are the same white or black, they use tax payer's money as theirs and give their buddies fat checks behind our backs. Why do you think, unions are for OBAMA? That's because he always includes unions in the budget and gives them our money. Mitt Romney is no different either. He grew up with sliver spoon in his mouth and his profession is investment. That's it. So, Romney will treat taxpayers' money as his investment account to give away money for profit.

God Bless YOU America.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chick-Fil-A Gay and Lesbian ShowDown!!!

Chick-Fil-A Kissing Day
Chick-Fil-A Kissing Day
I am sorry. I have to laugh at this time. :)) LOL.

What is the world coming to? Who cares where they want to stick their meat into or lick or suck a pink meat with their tongue? It doesn't matter. If they want to get sick and pass on dieases to their "sexual partners" so be it. It is their business not Chick-Fil-A or the government.

Why is it whenever someone makes any statement in favor of or against gays and lesbians that it makes a huge headline? The answer is that we still have social stigma against Gays and Lesbians communities like white against black. It is still considered taboo in the eyes of the general public. People, who are 'normal or straight', are disgusted with them.

These days we are told that people have moved on and became more understanding of others. On the contrary, it is the opposite. Sureeeeee!!! Gays and Lesbians are accepted by the general population. Sureeeeee!!! Blacks and minoraties are accepted by the White population. In case, you didn't notice I am being sarcastic. In all honesty, nothing really has changed.

  1. Just because your mainstream media doesn't report police brutality doesn't mean all cops are honest and clean across our nation.
  2. Just because your mainstream media doesn't report African-American Child Abuse doesn't mean African-American kids are not sexually abused.
  3. Just because your mainstream media doesn't report hate crimes by white people doesn't mean racism doesn't exist.
  4. Just because your mainstream media doesn't report wife beating doesn't mean all women in the United States are safe and happy.
  5. Just because your mainstream media doesn't report Gay and Lesbian news in your community doesn't mean Gays and Lesbians don't exist.
  6. Just because the president, Dan Kathy, of the company, Chick-Fil-A, made Anti-Gay comments doesn't make Gays or Lesbians any more right or wrong.
Dan Kathy President of Chick-Fil-A
Chick-Fil-A President Dan Kathy

They are all there. Just look around you. You would be surprised to find out that your next door neighbor might be Gay or Wife beater.

So, it is very comical when people or the world react with shock to comments or stories that goes against popular view or belief.

Bottom line - just leave them be. If you are Gay, then you are Gay for life. If you are Lesbian, then you are lesbian for life. Let them have their fun.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Colorado Movie Theator Shooting - 12 confirmed dead

Colorado Shooting Suspect - James Holmes
James Holmes

So, another shooting eh! Such a horrific event used to shock and sicken me every time I heard it, but now I am so numb to it that I don't even feel anything. One of the question that crossed my mind right after I heard the news was this.

How can a graduate student studying Neuroscience with no criminal record decided to kill people?

That's plain and simple to answer. In my opinion, it's not his fault but our society. Think of all the things that are going on in our lives today. Name one thing that could trigger killer instinct in ones mind.

Yes, as innocent as it seems watching television and movies are the biggest part of almost every American's pass time. Now, think of all the things that are shown on TV and movie theaters today. What's the two major categories or type of shows and movies that are so embraced by our entertainment industry? Sex and Violence. As a test, close your eyes and turn your TV on. Still with your eyes closed, I want you to tell me what you are hearing from your TV. Let me guess, a cartoon character fighting his villain throwing bombs and shooting everyone in his sight. Yep, I am sure you specifically tuned to cartoon network for kids just to prove me wrong (LOL). See, even kids channels have nothing but sex and violence programs.

Now, think of all the things that are made and sold for our younger generations even younger adults like James Holmes that are in tune with Sex and Violence. I can name a lots of things.

 List of products that deals with Sex and Violence for kids and teens:

1.) Video Games - 99.9% of the video games in the market only deals with sex and violence - Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Left 4 Dead,  etc.
Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3
Call Of Duty
Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto
Medal of Honor - Allied Assualt
Medal of Honor Allied Assault
Left 4 Dead 3
Left 3 Dead
Left 4 Dead 3
Left 4 Dead

2.) TV Programs (Cartoons and movies) - 80% of the cartoons deal with violence and sex - Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Heman, Power Rangers, etc.

Power Rangers
Power Rangers


Power Rangers
Power Rangers


3.) Toys - Water guns, BB guns, police officer look-a-like gears, etc. There are more toys that deal with violence and sex than there are normal toys for fun.

Toy Guns
Look a Like toy guns

BB Gun
BB Guns

4.) Books and Comics - Pick up any books from a kids aisle in a store and skim through it. I bet you everything in my bank account that it has to do with sex and/or violence.

Sexy Comic Book
Kids comic Book

Comic Book
Kids Comic Book
Comic Book
Kids book do with Love

4.) Music - How many kids listen to hard rock, metal rock, rock in rolls, graphic raps, etc. Even music industry use sex and violence to sell their songs and products. Have you watched any recently made music videos? Your jaw will drop how sickly women are portrayed and shown in the videos.

50 Cent
50 Cent

Marilyn Mansion
Marilyn Mansion

Death Angel
Death Angel


You might be saying to yourself, "What the hell is he talking about? My kids watch TV all day, play rated M videos games all the time, read very violent stories, listen to very graphic rap songs and heavy metal and play with BB guns by shooting at each other. After all that, they haven't done anything as stupid as go out and kill people for real." Let me make this clear. I am not generalizing that every kids in our country will get the killer instinct if they are exposed to violence and/or Sexual material. However, it is the first step in setting up the stage for such a horrific event like the shooting at Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado during premiere of Batman - Dark Knight Rises. Maybe one out of 100,000 kids' mind is easily influanced by these materials. If that is true, there a lots of kids out there. Think about it.

How does any of this influence kids or teens' mind to go out and kill for real?

Again, it is very simple. Remember our country is all capitalism. That means we only care about making money. Corporate world only cares about selling their products through whatever means even if it means destroying our moral fiber. In any society, normally violence and sex are prohibited in public. Our country is no exception. However, it is used by our corporation to sell their products. When they promote their products, violence and sex seems to be used a lot in such a way that makes it very cool and entertaining for kids. In truth, violence and sex in their promotion are implied to be fun. Knowing how much filths that are geared towards kids today, you can imagine how kids might get a wrong idea about reality.


Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network
My 7 year old son watches cartoon network, nickelodeon's, etc. Sometime I watch with him to see what he all watches for 2 hours, because at times he would act out his favourite characters in his cartoons or any other kids programs - pretending his hands and fingers were a gun and pointing it at me. Well, of the 4 cartoon shows he watched 3 of them was nothing but violence. Just like my son, there are probably millions of kids and teens who are exposed to what our entertainment industry calls it fun - Sex and Violence. Yep, it is cool and fun to shoot people, kids. If you come out and tell me that I am all wrong that there is absolutely nothing wrong with anything kids watch on TV or games they play or music they listen to that can influences them, then we are really screwed and there something terribly wrong with our society.

More pressing question I have regarding this shooting.

What the hell kids as young as 6 month old doing at the movie theater that late?

Aren't the kids supposed to be in bed by then? 12 Midnight is way passed their bedtime and little 6 month old baby and 14 year old girls are in the movie theater for Batman premiere. Could someone explain that to me, please. People are becoming more and more dumber since the advent of the Internet, I will say that. Where are the parents heads at?

I totally feel for the 6 month old baby. I don't know how it stood all the movie sounds and the actual gun shots and the tear gas canister. I am sure it affected its mind in some ways forever.

By saying all this, I am in no way justifying for James Holmes' action. My heart goes out to those who have lost their lives needlessly. However, what I am saying is that our society has lot to do with it. I am so sure that there will more horrific shootings. If not, even more horrific than this. I can tell you that back in 50s our society was way different than it is now. That could explain why there were no shootings of this kind in those days. Think about it folks. Its not James Holmes fault but our society promoting Sex and Violence just to make money. I am not one bit surprised that James Holmes planned this shooting at the Batman premiere and there will probably be more to come. It is sad but what can you do.

God Bless You, America.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

News: Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Obama's birth certificate is fraudulent

A big **Sigh** So, what's new.

Joe Arpaio with his version of marked birth certificate LOL
Why the hell don't you "people" come out of the closet and say it in front of the President of the United States and the world how racists and hypocrite you are, "Hey Obama, no niggers are allowed to be the President of the United States." Why beat around the bushes and keep contradicting yourself with your own government.

Our own fucking government time and time again verified the integrity of the President's birth certificate. You people are fucking keep crying, "No its not true." Well, it is true and live with it. Yes, a black guy is our president. Get over it. Yes, you will be okay. Just take another big breath and say it with me, "A black guy is our president."

Because the government is not telling you what you want to hear, you think you have every right to beat the dead horse over and over again. Again, we the people elected our current president. If you don't like it, then go hang yourself.

Let's talk about real serious problems in our society - Child Molesters, Rapists, Murderers, Pedophiles, Gangsters, Drugs, Illegal aliens, Taxes, etc, etc, etc.

Gosh, I feel so dirty and sick living in this country more so than I did 4 years ago. Racists and hypocrites are everywhere in this country. If constitution applies to every living, breathing, walking American born citizen, then Mr. President Barack Hussein Obama has every right to be the president of the United States.

Sick Minded KKK Joe Arpaio

Do you know anything about Mr. Joe Arpaio bringing this rumor up again? And do you even know why he is bring this crap up at this time? Read the following articles on Mr. Racist Joe Arpaio and you will know. He is apparently in big fucking legal trouble with federal government and it seems that he is trying to turn people's attention away from his legal problems, before it gets to be a national news. I guess, he doesn't want his very popular reputation of being a touch guy in the state of Arizona destroyed.

10 Worst Things Arizona's Racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio Has Done

Some say suit alleging racism by Sheriff Arpaio is long overdue

Joe Arpaio Lawsuit: Justice Department Complaint Reveals Disturbing Allegations

and there is more online.....

I am not in anyway vouching for Mr. President Obama in anyway shape or form. I am just mad and angry that people are quick to finger point just because government can't support their claim outright even if it is a lie. Our president could've been my son or even myself. Mostly like you would do the same. What it boils down to is skin color.

This is racially motivated allegations brought up by rednecks like Joe Arpaio, who allowed people living in Marcopia county to verbally abuse Latino's living there. And you want the whole world to bend over just because he thinks and says Obama's birth certificate is fake. Give me a break.

Screw the constitution. The way the things are going in the United States especially racial tensions, people are likely to erupt out of hate and anger all because our president is Black...(LOL).

My God, I just feel so dirty just even writing this post on this matter. I might even throw up.
But two words will sum up this post - Racists and Hypocrites.

God Bless you. America.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

CNN: Opinion: America needs immigrants

CNN news media

What!!! America needs immigrants?

Who is really running CNN? Who hires these idiot journalists? Probably, these writers are high school dropouts with false information on their resume and fake college degree.

Let me give you my Opinion, CNN.

America is built on immigration. In other word, America doesn't "need immigrants." It is already made up of immigrants. Everyone living in the United States are considered immigrants. If I have to go back to history, I can say that even white Americans are technically considered immigrants. People from Great Briton moved to America and kicked and murdered the native American Indians. Then, we took their land and today reduced their vast land (today we call it America) to reservations.

So, don't publish these idiotic opinions written by idiot writers of yours.

It just goes to show that even major news media is dumb as a doorknob, but then it is all about money at the end of the day. So, they will write whatever the crap they feel like writing and publishing.

God Bless you, America.

Horray For Obama's Healthcare

Obama Healthcare Bill
Yes, there are a lot of mixed response to our supreme court ruling on Obama Healthcare. However, people, who oppose the Obama Healthcare, are purely responding based on their belief that American way of life is threaten. That is our constitutional rights are being abused or taken away from us. On the other hand, people, who are in favor of Obama Healthcare, are basically low income and minimum wage workers with family with no health insurance whatsoever just simply looking for someone else to help them get healthcare for their family members. Who do I side with when it comes to Obama Healthcare?

I am not just for or against Obama Healthcare. Actually, I am for and against Obama Healthcare. Confused? When our government came up with the Welfare program for those who are down on their luck and needs little of bit financial help, I am sure every working Americans became very angry and mad asking why should I share my hard earned money with a stranger and my neighbors, when I am making ends-meat. However, here we are today. No one really cares about Welfare program. In fact, I am pretty sure that those, who opposed the welfare program, are the very same people taking advantage of it today, because they need financial help. In the same sense, Obama Healthcare initially will come to haunt the working Americans but later only to be accepted by the American people. In fact, I am sure the very same people for against it will love it and use it to their advantage.

Sure, nothing good really comes out of government control programs. However, it broadens the playing field for everyone.

Here is my story. I am a engineer who is disabled and make enough to put food on the table and roof over my family but not enough to buy health insurance for my family. In fact, we have over $10,000 in medical bill we simply can't afford to pay even monthly. Our debt is through the roof. So, I applied for medical assistance through welfare program. Although they agreed to provide some medical assistance when in need of medical treatment for my kids, they adamantly refused to give any medical assistance for my wife. So, right now my wife has no health insurance and doesn't work for anyone for she doesn't speak or write in English language.

As you can see my dilemma I am in. We don't need top of the line HMO health care. Just enough to get us by. What the pure or far right conservatives are saying is all bunch of crap - American Way of life and constitutional rights.Until they and their family is thrown out on the street will they realize how important these programs are for the general public. I am not republican or democrat, but I am for the working American. Not all Americans are rich or above middle class or make $100,000/year salary. Good percent of Americans are below middle class and barely making a living and these people need some sort of assistance.

I believe, Obama Healthcare Bill is the answer. I am also not in favor of the bill. For one thing, our government can't mandate anything upon its citizen. If anything, we should be given options. Right now, you either have to have private insurance of your own or get on Obama's healthcare. If neither, you will be penalized, which I think is very wrong. If we allow such an act by government to intrude into our everyday life, then they will have no other reason but to come up with more ludicrous bills - banning salts, forcing fat people to pay more tax, forcing smokers to pay more tax, banning fat people from soda pop, etc.

Just like Welfare program, Obama's healthcare bill should be a backdrop in American society. It is there for you when you need help the most, but you don't need to necessarily be on it if you don't need it.

What surprised me is that it wasn't the democratic judge who upheld the individual mandate but republican. I guess, not all republicans are sharp or smart as "they" thought.

We will see what happens in coming weeks and months and years.

Friday, June 15, 2012

ADT or Any Security system is a joke

ADT Security System

For all those complaining about ADT services, I will give you more reasons to complain about them. I was initially hounded by ADT for their service and finally I decided to get their system installed with monthly payment of $32.00/month. (That was my biggest mistake) Within 2 or 3 months of service, they raised my monthly bill to $42.00 and it is still going up. Their customer service can't explain why. On top of all that, when they came to install the system, he forgot to program the panic button on my remote control. When I called and complained about that, I was told by their customer service that I no longer can receive free service by their personals and that I will have to pay $99.00/hour for this if I need any service from them. I almost choked when he told me that, because up untill this time no one not even the sales person told me that it will cost me $99/hour to service my system. So, to avoid having to call ADT for service, I went looking online for solutions that I can use to program my remote. Well, I came empty handed. Plus, it is not easy to program especially when ADT password protects the system for programmer mode - which means you must call ADT for their service. On top of all this, they lock you in with their contract for 3 years, which means you are screwed.

I am a software and system engineer and I know the ins and outs of electronics. So, while online searching for remote control solution, I came across the very same make and model of this ADT alarm system they installed in my house with for a lot less price than ADT is putting them up for. Then, I realized I could have bought the very same system and installed it myself with all my windows and doors with sensors without monthly payment. ADT and every alarm system companies are a joke. In my opinion ADT system is nothing more than a very expensive earily warning system for you to run out the door not to alert the authorities at an instance.

Well, I was curious to find out how long it will take for the police to be called and be at my house after the alarm is tripped. So, I tripped the ADT system purposely and waited.  Sure enough the system started to beep and it's internal siren went off. The siren keeps making noises for about 4 minutes and then calls ADT personnel. A guy called and asked if everything is okay and requested for the secret password to make sure I was not a burglar. That 4 minute is an internal system delay, even though ADT told me that their system calls them right away as soon as the alarm is tripped. Obviously, you don't have any control over that delay even if you wanted to adjust. All this default delays that they have in the system is to cover their ass in case it is not a real alarm. Obviously, police and fire trucks won't be happy if they rush to a false alarm.

If this had been a real break in, I don't think the ADT system would've had a chance to dial ADT personnel at all. A burglar would've had a plenty of time to smash that system and the internal dialer into pieces and do all kinds of damages to the house. I've seen on many videos of break-ins where the house is outfitted with alarm system and these kids yanking the security system panels and basically walking around as if there is no worries in the world. It usually takes within 5 minutes.

From my test I assume that ADT system will take about 4 minutes to dial ADT headquarters and then another 20 seconds for ADT to call back home to make sure this is a real alarm. And, then they will decide to contact the local police station. It will take another 5 to 10 minutes for them to arrive at the house to help. All together the total time it will take for us to get any sort of help through ADT will be about 15 to 20 minutes give or take 3 minutes. You know, a guy breaking in will not take even five minutes to rob the place and do whatever damage to the people and property.

Basically, ADT is ripping their customers off. Plus, they are running false advertisements. The ADT security system doesn't kick into alarm mode right away for the front door (30 second delay to prevent false alarm) and ADT people don't call you in less than 10 seconds as they show in their commercials.

There is a serious weakness in ADT or any alarm systems which is the phone line. More often than not phone line is easily accessible and can be cut easily with anything with sharp edges. Once that wire is cut, you are done. No matter, how long your ADT system screams and yells with its siren, no one is going to be notified. I asked the ADT sales rep about this and he shrugged it off by saying "90% of the break-ins happens within 3 to 5 minutes without phone line cut." I didn't feel one bit comfortable with that response. Sure, they have wireless systems that you don't need land line for, but it will cost you as much as you are paying monthly for your car probably.

All in all, ADT is a joke like many other alarm system company. People if you want to save yourself a couple of hundred dollar and from monthly bill with contract, go to Radioshack or get on online and Google for home alarm system. You will find easy to install systems that you can secure all of your windows and doors and more and you will get more for your money.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tucson Missing Girl, Isabel Mercedes Celis

Isabel Mercedes Celis

May God help her wherever she is and whatever the condition or situation she is in.

When I heard about this child gone missing and her photo in Arizone, my heart stopped for a moment. It is definitely shocking to hear something like that. I am sure we all feel that way, because as one of the billboard said, "A missing child is everyone's child."

Being shocked and captivated by this news, I read as much information as I can through the Internet and TV. What gets me and frustrates me the most of news like these is how they are abducted or kidnapped usually right under the parent's nose - opened window, unlocked front door, playing alone in the front yard, etc.

In this case, Isabel's window was left unlocked apparently that someone got in through the window and took her away. Now, how so self-centered and naive to do you have to be before something like this happens to your child. As an adult and parents, you need to constantly be on alert and be aware of your surroundings no matter where you are. Anything can happen at anytime and anywhere whether it is in your house or a public park. My wife and I always keep our eyes on our children. We always have to know where they are and what they are doing. So, either they are playing in front of us (inside or outside) or if they are in their rooms, then their windows are locked shut - summer or winter. Remember there are a lot of opportunists than there are habitual sex offenders out there who wouldn't mind snatching an unattended child for their enjoyment.

My theories and thoughts behind Isabel Mercedes Celis disapperance:
  1. I am more and more suspicious of her father. He dosed off on the couch he said and didn't hear a thing. Hmmm that makes you think doesn't it. A lot of people I know will get up in an instance at the slightest of sound in their house that includes me. I could be in deep sleep and if you made any sort of noise in the house, you bet I will be up investigating where, why and who made that noise. Maybe I am paranoid, but that's probably why my kids are still with us and safe.
  2. If the window was locked at the time of his daughter kidnapping, then either someone intentionally left the window open for someone else to do the deed or the person in the house actually did something terrible to Isabel that they made sure there was not going to be any evidence by discarding her body afterward. Then, staged the whole thing.
  3. If Isabel was truly kidnapped by outsiders, then either she is
    1. already rapped, murdered and buried or thrown somewhere deep in the woods.
    2. already sold to prostitution ring for money.
    3. still alive and held as a sex slave by a pedophile like the cases you hear from the country of Austria.
  4. Almost always the immediate family has to know something that is very critical or vital to finding their child alive soon. I am sure her parents know something, but they are not forthcoming with information even though they are "pleading" with her daughter's kidnapper.
I hope none of my theories and thoughts of Isabel's kidnapping are true and that she is alive and well somewhere on Earth and that she will be found alive soon.

May God Bless her soul if she is with God already. At this point, that's what I hope instead of being tortured day and night at the hands of her kidnapper. That would be rough for a 6 year old.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Stand your ground Law applies to Zimmerman? What the hell?

George Zimmerman arrested and charged with second degree murder of Trayvon Martin

Are we all loosing our mind? How does this law apply to George Zimmerman?

Stand your ground law states that when you are in grave danger you are allowed to fight back and use lethal force if you have to. Zimmerman is going to use this law as a defense. In so doing, he is implying that he was the victim. Give me a break!

Lets recap what happened and determine who was the real victim here.

1.) Trayvon Martin was talking with his girlfriend on his cell phone walking along the side walk minding his own business on his way to his parents' house.

2.) Mr. George Zimmerman, our neighborhood vigilante, sees Trayvon Martin with his hoodie over his head.

3.) Then, Mr. George Zimmerman suspects Trayvon Martin was "up to no good."

4.) So, he decides to follow him based on his idiotic suspicion.

5.) Mr. Zimmerman places a 911 call reporting his concern of his newly found potential criminal, Trayvon Martin.

6.) 911 dispatcher TELLS Mr. George Zimmerman to stop following.

7.) At which point, Mr. George Zimmerman makes racial slur, "Them fucking... always gets away."

8.) Mr. Zimmerman disobeys 911 dispatcher request and still follows Trayvon Martin.

9.) Instead of waiting for the police officer to come and deal with Trayvon Martin, Mr. George Zimmerman decides that he will take the law in his own hands.

10.) He steps out of the car to confront, Trayvon Martin.

11.) Then, he apparently struggled with Martin and sustained injury to his head.

12.) At the end, Mr. Zimmerman pulls the trigger killing Trayvon Martin on the spot.

NO BODY WAS IN DANGER BEFORE MR. ZIMMERMAN DECIDED TO GET OUT OF HIS CAR AND STRUGGLED WITH Trayvon Martin - Not Trayvon, Not George Zimmerman, Not any bystanders.

Trayvon Martin wasn't RAPING or robbing a woman or stabbing someone to death or breaking into a house or planting an explosive to blow up the closed gate community. The kid was walking to his parents' house after stopping at a local store for Skittles.

So, who do you think is the real victim here? Mr. George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin.

Clearly, Trayvon is the victim here.

People are saying that Zimmerman is being arrested and charged because of public pressure to prosecute Zimmerman for his crime not because he broke any law.

Ummm, again I will say it over and over.....Mr. George Zimmerman was in control of the situation not Martin. Zimmerman followed Trayvon when told NOT TO. NO ONE was in danger until idiot George Zimmerman decided to take the LAW IN HIS OWN HANDS.

He is clearly guilty of whatever they are charging him with. So, stand your ground law doesn't not apply to George Zimmerman period. If he is found not guilty on all counts and charges, then our judicial system has major problem and needs to be revamped.

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